Aug 20-29 2012: Progress on painting and machining

On Aug 20, 2012, I took the crank down to Center Automotive machining, for repair.

With this lull, I prepared parts for painting.


engine externals

We had D&S mix up paint to match the original green.

first coat

Ed Mayer shot the paint.

I prepared an old case to use for transporting and painting the engine.

The parts came back:

BMC green

I took the center main cap and thrust washers down to center for machining.

Decided to do the radiator shroud and engine mounts:

radiator and mounts

I painted the engine mounts with POR 15

engine mounts protected by POR 15

I am going to have Ed paint the shrouds, I will clean/flush the rad, and then reassemble.  When the crank comes back – better than new! – we can put the bottom together, mount the motor on the old case, and Ed will paint.

We will mount the motor on the trans, the rad on the motor, and put it all back together.


Aug 13-19 2012: problems and progress

On the 13th, Ed came over, we got the flanges on, and the drums on.


On the 14th, Brad came over, and we fit the new thrust washers.


On the 15th, we decided to have the crank checked and machined.


On the 18th, Ed came over, and we pained under the bonnet.


On the 19th, I did more painting, Brad came over, and we removed the crank.


I will take the crank to a machine shop tomorrow 20 Aug 2012.