18-22 Sept 2012: the block , and other components, are painted.

Ed masked and painter the engine block, leaving the Speedwell head bare.


In the paint booth


Painting complete


On the hoist


In the cart and on the road…


Radiator components
Cramming for the final


on the other hoist

All bits are now in place, I think!



13-17 Sep 2012: Ready to paint the block

On Saturday the 15th, Ed Mayer came over with his son, and we took the engine off of the stand and onto a dolly, using the hoist.

Engine on hoist, 16 Sep 2012
Ready for painting

On the 16th, we moved it to his house – the paint shop.

On Cherry Lane 16 Sep 2012

On the 17th, I prepped the timing cover plate, and took it over.

2 Sep-12 Sep 2012: the bottom end done, engine ready for paint…

Interior upgrade in progress, Sept 2012

Latest artwork at home

Mini’s in the hall, by the stairs…

I did some detail work in the interior.

On the 12th, brad Babcock came over, and under my supervision, we cleaned, measured, and assembled the bottom end.

Power cleaning the crank

Ready for action!

clean and ready

We check all the clearances

micro managing the clearances


A lovely bare bottom end…

Aug 30 – Sep 1 2012: On the ground again

(N.B.: above picture from Shaker Square 2010).

On the 30th, I painted the radiator and engine mounts with POR 15


On Friday, I made a run to the Winners Circle –http://www.spridget.com .

Where I got 0.020 over main bearings, and a new set of 0.010 over rod bearings.  Then it was over to Center Automotive machining,

http://www.centerautomotivemachine.com  where our crank had been repaired.

Sep 1,  my son Allen came over, and we: installed the rebound buffers; took the radiator shrouds over to Ed Mayer for his attention; bled  and adjusted the brakes; put on the wheels; and put the car on the ground.

1 Sep 2012

We had to straighten one wheel stud, but all else went well.