Aug 30 – Sep 1 2012: On the ground again

(N.B.: above picture from Shaker Square 2010).

On the 30th, I painted the radiator and engine mounts with POR 15


On Friday, I made a run to the Winners Circle – .

Where I got 0.020 over main bearings, and a new set of 0.010 over rod bearings.  Then it was over to Center Automotive machining,  where our crank had been repaired.

Sep 1,  my son Allen came over, and we: installed the rebound buffers; took the radiator shrouds over to Ed Mayer for his attention; bled  and adjusted the brakes; put on the wheels; and put the car on the ground.

1 Sep 2012

We had to straighten one wheel stud, but all else went well.

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