Oct 3- Oct 21: some progress

We went on a vacation Oct 12-20, visiting Mini City on the 18.


799 Holt Webster NY

On 21 Oct, Brad and I made progress on the flywheel and pulley.


21 oct 2012



24 Sep – 2 Oct 2012: progress

clear coat on bolt heads

ready for assembly

On Tuesday Oct 2, 2102, Brad came over and we made Major progress:

Had to make a couple of gaskets – from material I had had for 35-40 years, lurking on a shelf…
Plate and timing chain in place
This gasket was made here, and not by BMC!

Improvised tool to vacuum any bits in motor before trans goes on.

On at last!

Off the stand

Next it is bolt things on!

bell housing

At the end of the day – Much Progress!

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