Dec 17-23 2012

Dec 17-8  Bracket, spring for clutch, ground cable


Dec 18 located tab for spring


Dec 19 -22  New hose clamps


Dec 20-2 Misc, air pressures

Dec 23

Ed Mayer over.

o torqued axle nuts, misc


o adjusted clutch

o started, and ran

o problem with shifting

Brad came over


After analysis, decided we had to go inside gear box.


Dec 13-16 2012

Dec 13: painted horn

Dec 14-5: organize

Dec 16: Ed Mayer came over.


o attached horn

o prelim wiring

o bled clutch

o added oil, fuel, water, as required


Ran on starter looking for oil pressure.

Started, ran, but trouble with clutch adjustment

.IMG_1740 IMG_1738 IMG_1739



Dec 9 2012: almost there…

Chuck Linick came over, and we attached the shift linkage, and tightened the flange nuts.

Brad arrived, and we attached the throttle and choke cables, soldered the throttle end, and adjusted them.

Some things take much more time than I expected, others less, but working on a custom Mini always has challenges, usually accessibility!


Allen then joined us, and we routed and connected the oil temp sensor into the oil cooler, attached the sump guard, set the initial ignition timing, and attached the dogbone engine mount.


Allen and I then put the car back on the ground.