June 29-30 2013:

IMG_2842I did some detail painting under the body, cleaned and vacuumed the interior, and did some preparation and organization.


rear trim
rear trim


When Brad came over on Sunday, we

o refitted the heater valve with a new gasket and sealer

o reassembled above

o put the new valve cover in place

o fabricated the new choke bracket


28 June 2013: details

I vacuumed the interior, and cleaned in the shop and the garage.

Then I finished cleaning the brake drums, and touched up a few places where the paint was wrong.

Finally, I painted under the rear wheel wells with POR 15, and redid the rear trailing arms in the same yellow as the exterior.


27 June 2013: FORWARD!

I had been cleaning the exterior brake drums and the wheels, and then neighbor Ed Mayer arrived, and we:

o rebuilt the brake and clutch masters

o installed them (his turn with the clevis pins)

o installed the first lines from the masters, and all of the clutch plumbing

o finished mounting the dampers


mini fin brake drums
mini fin brake drums

A good day!

June 23: clean and polish!

I worked on some of the components soon to be installed, including:

The grille surround, which I cleaned and polished.

The grille, which I cleaned, touch up painted, and clear coated.

Grille and trim.
Grille and trim.

The carbs, which I cleaned and polished (exteriors!)

carbs intake view
carbs intake view
carbs, manifold view
carbs, manifold view

The air cleaners (sans K&N filters) which I also cleaned and polished.

air cleaner bodies
air cleaner bodies

And the front carpet, which I cleaned.

N.B.: Local company Manco (in neighboring Avon, Ohio) made the racey duct tape. http://duckbrand.com/

My friends? Brad had a good day with their boat, and Ed, Chuck, and Allen spent time with family, so it was a good day for this.

June 18-22: An uplifting end!

I took care of a few details: ground wire for flasher; mounted horn; and painted the painted pushrods on cyclinders.

Ed Mayer and Nathan came over (in MG Midget and new go cart):  (Nathan is about 10).

Midget and go kart
Midget and go kart

We installed the four body-front subframe bolts, and then jacked up the car


That enabled us to secure the rear trans mount, then we rebuilt the dog bone engine stabilizer mount, and installed it.

We tightened every thing, including the bracket on the offside where the hoses go.



Home stretch!