2 June 2013: Yes we Did!

Today, we finished the painting portion of the engine compartment appearance upgrade project, and we can put it in the dictionary next to the term:


Master painter and I-CAR maven Ed Mayer came over, shall we say, primed to go!

(Ed had painted the motor):

motor/trans on subframe
motor/trans on subframe

We pushed the car into the spray booth.

Windy, and hope the neighbors don't figure this out...
Windy, and hope the neighbors don’t figure this out…

Mixing paint.

mixed up primer
mixed up primer

Applying primer.

first coat
first coat

Safety first.


Second coat.


Applying the yellow.


Unmask and unveil.


Done at last!


Back inside the garage.


We celebrated with a pair of grogs.

Hard work?  Yes, but then anything really worth having is.

Next?  Reassemble!

What did I do?  Besides make the coffee, fetch the tools, and pour the beer, I was in charge of organization and documentation.

I left the skill work to Ed and Brad, did most of the heavy lifting on the prep, and I am always ready to fetch what is needed.

After the (painting) party was over…


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