June 7-9 cleaning up the dirty bits – with more than a little help from my FRIENDS!

Earlier in the project cycle – several months past


In March:


Current: during the week, I installed the new ID plate, and rubber bumpers.

id number the same - plate new!
id number the same – plate new!


I began cleaning up the windscreen wiper mechanism, and the masters and the clutch slave cylinders.

On Saturday, Friend, neighbor, and Mini Woodie owner Chuck Linick came over to borrow my ball joint tool, and we made plans for Sunday.

Chuck Linick's Very Clean 1963 Morris Traveller.
Chuck Linick’s Very Clean 1963 Morris Traveller.

On Friday:

wiper mechanism i process
wiper mechanism in process

On Sunday, Chuck and I stripped and glass bead blasted the clutch master and slave, and decided they needed to be rebuilt.  The brake master looks fine.  We then stripped, cleaned and repacked the windscreen wiper mechanism – with an article from MiniWorld open on the bench – and sprayed all with clear coat.

The visual results thus far (note the BEFORE – masters and the wiper motor in the last picture)

masters nearing ready
masters nearing ready

Clear coated.IMG_2774

an earlier view
Another earlier view, with my son Allen…

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