July 26 2013: current status is – almost there!

At the Avon Ballroom, where I take dance lessons with Anya Kwan.
At the Avon Ballroom, where I take dance lessons with Anya Kwan.

A big Thank You to all who have helped, and continue to help, including Brad Babcock, Ed Mayer, Chuck Linick, my son Allen Pervo, and Graham Reid, at Heritage motors.

The Motor:

In the mid 1970’s I was given a SpeedWell cylinder head, which I decided to use.

 This precluded the use of a larger motor, so I decided to stick in the 850 range.  I obtained a 1969 motor, and had it bored 0.060, for a capacity of 890cc.
The head has larger ports, larger valves, and smaller combustion chambers – I have calculated our CR as 11.5 to 1.  (I use cam 100 fuel)
The camshaft is an isky, and is the equivalent of a 648 or 731 BMC cam.
Two 1.25 SU’s sit on a uniflow manifold, with stub velocity stacks, and breathe thru K&N’s.
The exhaust is an LCB aftermarket model.
We had some additional machining done this year, and the bottom  end is up to spec.  (We have compared the performance to some original figures, and this stuff is working!)
The Drive Train
The motor sits on a Mini Cooper S trans – the gears are a bit tall for the motor, but we know how and when to shift down.  We also have new drive shafts, inner joints, outer joints, flanges, etc.
The Suspension:
Suspension upgrades include new rubber cones on all four, hi-lo adjustable struts, and new poly urethane bushings – handling is Gr8.
When we took the engine out, we upgraded the under bonnet ascetics, with success, and have done some exterior detailing.

22-25 July: trials and tribulations

IMG_2974Added oil, adjusted brakes, and adjusted clutch.

I went over to Chuck Linick’s, and let him test drive.  He experienced the same problems I was having, and concluded:

o sometimes we hit first when trying to go to third, and that is the clash.

o sometimes it won’t go into third, and that is cured by wiggling shifter

o problem is in shifter

Is drive able for now: we will determine what we have, and what we need.

BTW, we like the handling, with the upgrades.

Sunday 21 July 2013: first cruise, second cruise…

IMG_2962I drove Mini around town 24 km (15 mi), stopping at Chuck Linnicks.

I cruised to Avon Ballroom for a photo op, and back home.

Kinks: shifting/clutch

brakes – pull to left, left front hot

gears – high, but better cruising

Nice: quiet, tight, with suspension upgrades, and better cornering

motor – sounds good

instant start up

looks: under bonnet!

Later, Brad came over, and we resolved the oil leak.  We stopped over at Mayers, and then made a road trip to Mitchel’s in River.

Mini at Mitchel's in Rocky River 21 July 2013
Mini at Mitchel’s in Rocky River 21 July 2013


20 July 2013: a day of enlightenment

I painted Mini’s fuel tank and the surrounding area inside the boot.

Pete Haburt came over and we (mostly he) were able to reconnect the turn signals by using new female connectors.

We then tackled the rear light issue, and after a few checks, reused the patch wire that Allen and I had installed years ago, to solve the problem.

This time we ran it in flexible conduit into the engine compartment, and thru to the dash.  We then redid the light sw, and reinstalled the tank.


Took a test drive over to Mayer’s.

Friday 19 July: progress, one day at a time

Ed Mayer and I bled the clutch – the pedal improved, and we took it for a test drive.

Grinding gone, but there was a low clatter when we coasted down, with a vibration in the gear lever, and Ed felt the clutch was not entirely engaged.

We reduced the lever arm standard length, and set the gap to 0.060 – problem solved.

We were able to remove the fuel tank, and addressed the lack of rear marker lights.

I went to winners circle to get some electrical bits.

Scope creep: repainted tank and brackets, and chased threads.

One key to success is a time out for libation and moral support, say @ SB81 – Michelle likes the Mini too!


Thursday 18 July 2013: On the Road again

IMG_2950Ed Mayer and his trusty son Nathan came over.

 o adjusted clutch
 o started & warmed up
 o balanced carbs, set mixture
o installed air cleaners
 o put on and adjusted bonnet
They had to leave, so I took it for a maiden voyage: S on Cherry Lane to Division to Sunset to Midway to Fay to electric to yoder to cherry to home.
Ed and Jodi Mayer's drive
Ed and Jodi Mayer’s drive
 o starts right up
 o with new rubber springs, new KYB dampers, and susp. bushings, smoother, quieter  ride
 o shifting with new box is great, but it grinds when selecting first, even at a standstill.
Thanks to all
N.B.: heater is on, so warm in car!

July 15-17: trials, tribulations, and elation

On Monday, I determined that the fuel pump was bad, and got a new one from the Winners Circle.  Needed fittings.

On Tuesday, I got fittings (from our attic stash), and removed the old pump.

old pump gone
old pump gone

I got some fuel hose from NAPA, fabricated a braket, installed the new pump, and it worked!

New pump in place.
New pump in place.

Started the car, it ran rough, and died.  Wires on pump?

Got cleaned up, had a dance lesson, and ate at Rush Inn.


I set SU’s to 2 turns down from top.  I had put SU oil in dashpots, and found pistons were not dropping, so I lifted and dropped a few times – seemed to free.  Too much oil?
 Allen Arrived:
  o new light sw installed – problem rear marker lights
 o gear lever installed
 o fixed connections on fuel pump
 o started right up!
 Clutch needs adjustment, then warm up, adjust carbs, put on air cleaners and then bonnet!
Also need to address rear markers – need to move fuel tank?



Bastille day 14 July 2013: down, on, back, and forth

1960 Mini 850 in foreground; 2009 MINI Cooper S in background
1960 Mini 850 in foreground; 2009 MINI Cooper S in background

I mounted the wheels, installed the grille surround and grille, and (re) painted some front suspension components.

Ed Mayer stopped over, we jacked it to the ground, and then started – ran well.


IMG_2923 IMG_2928

Motor sounded good.

Gears – reverse works, first works, and backed into driveway.

Clutch comes right in!

Left it running to get warm.

checked carbs – seems lean – exhaust free of smoke!

shut off.  added SU oil to carbs.

would not restart – no fuel – pump not pumping.

Will work on this in the AM.

I am not yet sure about the shifter – we will go back to original if we don’t like it.

13 July ’13: running

Ed Mayer and Nate came over, and we attached the new choke and throttle cables.

Brad arrived.

We started it up!


There was a noise when I engaged the clutch, so we shut it off.

Check – no freeplay – set to 0.060, and started – noise went away!  connected tack, and set idle.

New choke set up works well!

The original noise we heard when we started?  It is gone as well – timing chain.