July 15-17: trials, tribulations, and elation

On Monday, I determined that the fuel pump was bad, and got a new one from the Winners Circle.  Needed fittings.

On Tuesday, I got fittings (from our attic stash), and removed the old pump.

old pump gone
old pump gone

I got some fuel hose from NAPA, fabricated a braket, installed the new pump, and it worked!

New pump in place.
New pump in place.

Started the car, it ran rough, and died.  Wires on pump?

Got cleaned up, had a dance lesson, and ate at Rush Inn.


I set SU’s to 2 turns down from top.  I had put SU oil in dashpots, and found pistons were not dropping, so I lifted and dropped a few times – seemed to free.  Too much oil?
 Allen Arrived:
  o new light sw installed – problem rear marker lights
 o gear lever installed
 o fixed connections on fuel pump
 o started right up!
 Clutch needs adjustment, then warm up, adjust carbs, put on air cleaners and then bonnet!
Also need to address rear markers – need to move fuel tank?



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