Thursday 18 July 2013: On the Road again

IMG_2950Ed Mayer and his trusty son Nathan came over.

 o adjusted clutch
 o started & warmed up
 o balanced carbs, set mixture
o installed air cleaners
 o put on and adjusted bonnet
They had to leave, so I took it for a maiden voyage: S on Cherry Lane to Division to Sunset to Midway to Fay to electric to yoder to cherry to home.
Ed and Jodi Mayer's drive
Ed and Jodi Mayer’s drive
 o starts right up
 o with new rubber springs, new KYB dampers, and susp. bushings, smoother, quieter  ride
 o shifting with new box is great, but it grinds when selecting first, even at a standstill.
Thanks to all
N.B.: heater is on, so warm in car!

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