July 26 2013: current status is – almost there!

At the Avon Ballroom, where I take dance lessons with Anya Kwan.
At the Avon Ballroom, where I take dance lessons with Anya Kwan.

A big Thank You to all who have helped, and continue to help, including Brad Babcock, Ed Mayer, Chuck Linick, my son Allen Pervo, and Graham Reid, at Heritage motors.

The Motor:

In the mid 1970’s I was given a SpeedWell cylinder head, which I decided to use.

 This precluded the use of a larger motor, so I decided to stick in the 850 range.  I obtained a 1969 motor, and had it bored 0.060, for a capacity of 890cc.
The head has larger ports, larger valves, and smaller combustion chambers – I have calculated our CR as 11.5 to 1.  (I use cam 100 fuel)
The camshaft is an isky, and is the equivalent of a 648 or 731 BMC cam.
Two 1.25 SU’s sit on a uniflow manifold, with stub velocity stacks, and breathe thru K&N’s.
The exhaust is an LCB aftermarket model.
We had some additional machining done this year, and the bottom  end is up to spec.  (We have compared the performance to some original figures, and this stuff is working!)
The Drive Train
The motor sits on a Mini Cooper S trans – the gears are a bit tall for the motor, but we know how and when to shift down.  We also have new drive shafts, inner joints, outer joints, flanges, etc.
The Suspension:
Suspension upgrades include new rubber cones on all four, hi-lo adjustable struts, and new poly urethane bushings – handling is Gr8.
When we took the engine out, we upgraded the under bonnet ascetics, with success, and have done some exterior detailing.

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