26-29 August 2013: rest and adjustment

Mon-wen, Mini and I stayed clear of each other, and then on Thursday, I went over to Ed Mayers, and we addressed the choke:

o would not lock

o but stuck on


We took it apart, fixed it, and now works as it should.

The locking part is a tiny piece of plastic that already showed wear…

The Brits at Shaker Square: 25 August 2013

LocoBrits on the Square
LocoBrits on the Square

Up early in the AM (0709) to give Mini a bath and pedicure for the annual Shaker Square Show.

I stopped at SpeedWay to top up on CAM2, and then over to McDonald’s, where I ate and joined up with friends, helpers, and neighbors Ed and Nathan Mayer in their 1974 MG Midget, and his lovely wife Jodi, in their MINI Cooper S.

We travelled in convoy through exurban, suburban, and urban interstate (I-90),  over city streets through downtown and  inter-city areas, and then past the Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University Campuses to Shaker Square. http://www.shakersquare.net/

(Jodi followed as the support vehicle, and she told us people where taking pictures of our cars on the highway).

We arrived, and setup.

Tributes. etc
Tributes. etc
tech specs
tech specs

Shaker Square (actually in the City of Cleveland) is a great place for a car show: an urban oasis where old and new come together.  Sharon arrived, and we had a great lunch at Fire with Ed, Jody, , and Nathan. –  http://www.shakersquare.net/ssm/fire.htm

The Show from Fire.
The Show from Fire.
A view
A view
Another view
Another view

We had a good day, as Mini took first


And Ed second, in a very good Midget class.


A winning combination...
A winning combination…
Another winning combination...
Another winning combination…

Ed and Jodi Mayer, above.

We had a nice drive back across town, and took Lake road from the Clague exit off of I-90, adding the scenes of Lake Erie and millionaires mansions to our viewing variety.

I recall many years ago, being in a small, old garage in Lakewood (Imported Car Service) that serviced British cars, seeing a poster from the Shaker Square show, and dreaming of someday being there…

“such stuff
As dreams are made on;”

From a Brit named Will (The Tempest), and though somewhat out of context, that’s my story, and I’m stickin to it!


August 23-4, 2013: Prep for Shaker Square, and a milestone…

The current specs for our care are at: mini-specs

On Aug 23 I did some prep, and then on Aug 24, I mounted the sump guard.

Sump guard
Sump guard

Ed Mayer came over, and we checked and set the timing again – 5 degrees at idle, and 30 total (around 4000 RPM).

mouth open
mouth open

We also installed the shifter boot cover.


The sump guard and shifter were the last two items on my list, so phase III is complete!!

A popular item with me and our helpers has been this mat:

Kneeling, sitting, or prone: works well.
Kneeling, sitting, or prone: works well.

Aug 18-22: Small moves, Large results


After Car Kulture, Mini was running not well at all at low revs – I observed the choke levers were not set equal.

Tonight, Brad came over and we adjusted them.

Test drove – better, but not quite there.

Changed plugs – back to normal!  (Still NKG 6ES).

While testing, we stopped at the Mayers to visit Ed, his family, and his MG’s.

In the meanwhile, I had (drop shipped, via UPS) a bottle of vintage single malt – http://www.ancnoc.com/

to Graham Reid at Heritage Garage – who has been much help in our project.

Graham Reid
Graham Reid

When UPS arrives at his shop, it’s usually car parts, so imagine his surprise!

(His email)

Relief package arrived

Good day king of kings, champion among men.

 My UPS guy just showed up with the best parts delivery of the year.

Despite the temptation to immediately crack open this lovely looking bottle of 12 year old single malt I will wait until I get home.

I will toast you and the little yellow perils show circuit success right after dinner.

Thank you so much for the kindness and consideration.”

And THANK You, Mr. Reid  http://www.heritagegarage.com/

(N.B.: Graham patiently helped us up and down over many technical challenges this past year, and the single malt was an expression of our gratitude. The Moral of the story is that What Goes Around, Comes Around, and when we do well for others, others will do well for us….)

Aug 16-17 2013: Enjoying even more the fruits of our labor…


These young ladies are promoting a cause: end the negative stereotypes against tats and piercings!  (N.B.: we said Kulture!)

On Friday, I prepped Mini for the Lakewood Car Kulture show, held annually on the third Saturday of August.  This is an eclectic event of all types of cars -older than 1972.

Arrived, survived traffic, and got my place.


I was parked next to a 1941 Cad, and the owner also had a 1956 Morris Minor – not here.IMG_3047

I saw some old friends, and my first Cousin – Jean kline williams .  Here is their 1949 Merc.

Buggsy and Jean Williams 1949 Merc.
Buggsy and Jean Williams 1949 Merc.

A few British Cars, and a great 1957 Porsche 550 RSK.

1957 Porsche RSK
1957 Porsche RSK

A New Record today: the tallest person in my Mini: 6′ 6″  !

ecclecticJust got out of Mini: six ft six inches!
ecclecticJust got out of Mini: six ft six inches!

The scenes:

view down Madison
view down Madison

My son Allen arrived, and we enjoyed both the attention our car got, and viewing the other cars.


Aug 13-15: Minor adjustments

I had other priories on Tuesday and Wednesday.  On Thursday, Ed Mayer stopped back over, and we:

o attached 2nd spring to choke – better!

o set timing to 10 degrees at 1,000 RPM – we will check total advance

o replaced a fuel line on carb – leaking

o readjusted clutch gap – had decreased

I plan to use a heavier spring for the clutch slave cylinder, as I found several.

12 August: enjoying the fruits of our labor

I drove Mini to my dance lesson with Anya Kwan at Avon Ballroom: I enjoyed showing off  the car – an earned entitlement.


My dance teacher Anya Kwan.
My dance teacher Anya Kwan.

Back home, I decided to take Mini out for supper, and we drove to Burntwood Tavern in Rocky River – http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/16/1625439/restaurant/Cleveland/Burntwood-Tavern-Rocky-River

Mini at Burntwood Tavern 12 Aug 2013
Mini at Burntwood Tavern 12 Aug 2013

We then refueled – 30 USMPG – not bad

We stopped at Huntington Beach.


and then back home – Mini is doing well!!

10 August 2013: A good little show

I met Ed Mayher and his trusty sidekick Nathan at the local Scottish restaurant, and we  drove on mostly back roads to the Brunswick Public Library, where we participated in a show with about 25 cars.  There was variety there, and a good time was had by all.



Later, several of us stopped at the local Panini’s  http://www.paninisgrill.com/locations/brunswick/, where the hiring policy was exceptional, and again, a good time was had by all.

Mini adjacent to a Countryman
Mini adjacent to a Countryman

A nice ride back brought us to the middle of the afternoon.

9 August: balancing act

webers 9 aug 2013
webers 9 aug 2013

As in returning from Ursuline last Saturday, I noticed what appeared to be a wheel imbalance, I took Mini’s mounted tyres to have them balanced.

Then Ed Mayer, his son Nathan, and I went to Strongsville, to investigate a new project.

The march of 1000 miles begins with the first step...
The march of 1000 miles begins with the first step…
setting up Ed's MGA to be towed to its new home
setting up Ed’s MGA to be towed to its new home

Back home, I picked up my wheels, mounted them, and then – in the evening – Sharon and I took Mini for a cruise to Weber’s ice cream and custard, where she enjoyed the local favorite. – http://www.yelp.com/biz/webers-premium-custard-and-ice-cream-cleveland

Mini at Weber's, 9 Aug 2013
Mini at Weber’s, 9 Aug 2013

Mini is working well.