August 5-7: cleaning, organizing, and success at last!

I cleaned and organized in the garage on Monday and Tuesday.  On Wednesday, Ed Mayer came over , and after testing, it was clear that there was no ‘stop feel’ in putting it into reverse, so we:

 o removed the reverse detent from a working gearbox
 o installed it in the trans, lubricating it well with oil (No detent was in, as we had had a problem getting reverse with it in)
Then we dry shifted in the garage, and found we had to move it out past a stop to get reverse, so we started it up, and went for a test run: works fine, up and down the gears.
Perhaps the lack of a detent was the issue on the shifting for the ‘ rightIMG_3017 hand’ gears? Not yet certain, but moving the champagne closer to the counter…
Why did we have a problem with shifting into reverse before?  Perhaps lubrication?  Better parts match?
Who would have thought that with all of the parts in place and properly assembled, it would work as designed?  Totally bizarre! Complete insanity!   (Pictured is a typical beverage consumption from a 2 hr work session…)
Later, I drove the car to veteran Mini owner Chuck Linick.  I did not tell him about the change, but he noticed the improvement, and approved!

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