Aug 18-22: Small moves, Large results


After Car Kulture, Mini was running not well at all at low revs – I observed the choke levers were not set equal.

Tonight, Brad came over and we adjusted them.

Test drove – better, but not quite there.

Changed plugs – back to normal!  (Still NKG 6ES).

While testing, we stopped at the Mayers to visit Ed, his family, and his MG’s.

In the meanwhile, I had (drop shipped, via UPS) a bottle of vintage single malt –

to Graham Reid at Heritage Garage – who has been much help in our project.

Graham Reid
Graham Reid

When UPS arrives at his shop, it’s usually car parts, so imagine his surprise!

(His email)

Relief package arrived

Good day king of kings, champion among men.

 My UPS guy just showed up with the best parts delivery of the year.

Despite the temptation to immediately crack open this lovely looking bottle of 12 year old single malt I will wait until I get home.

I will toast you and the little yellow perils show circuit success right after dinner.

Thank you so much for the kindness and consideration.”

And THANK You, Mr. Reid

(N.B.: Graham patiently helped us up and down over many technical challenges this past year, and the single malt was an expression of our gratitude. The Moral of the story is that What Goes Around, Comes Around, and when we do well for others, others will do well for us….)

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