August 5-7: cleaning, organizing, and success at last!

I cleaned and organized in the garage on Monday and Tuesday.  On Wednesday, Ed Mayer came over , and after testing, it was clear that there was no ‘stop feel’ in putting it into reverse, so we:

 o removed the reverse detent from a working gearbox
 o installed it in the trans, lubricating it well with oil (No detent was in, as we had had a problem getting reverse with it in)
Then we dry shifted in the garage, and found we had to move it out past a stop to get reverse, so we started it up, and went for a test run: works fine, up and down the gears.
Perhaps the lack of a detent was the issue on the shifting for the ‘ rightIMG_3017 hand’ gears? Not yet certain, but moving the champagne closer to the counter…
Why did we have a problem with shifting into reverse before?  Perhaps lubrication?  Better parts match?
Who would have thought that with all of the parts in place and properly assembled, it would work as designed?  Totally bizarre! Complete insanity!   (Pictured is a typical beverage consumption from a 2 hr work session…)
Later, I drove the car to veteran Mini owner Chuck Linick.  I did not tell him about the change, but he noticed the improvement, and approved!

4 August 2013: it is not all trophies

Today I worked on cleaning and organizing:

o cleaned towels and rags at local coin laundry

o cleaned and organized in the shop

o in the garage,

– I cleared off the shelves and replaced with different contents


– cleaned floor and organized jacks, etc


– I moved back to the shop all that should be there

– discarded old equipment.


Aug 2-3 2013: Prepping for the show, and showing off the prep

Friday August 2nd 2013.

I drove to the local Speedway station to top up the tank with CAM 100, and found both the brakes  and the shifting to be better.

Cleaning, packing, and polishing, while it rains….

Saturday August 3: our FIRST show since all of the upgrades,and it is sunny!

Started at McDonalds, where we met the Mayers: Ed, Nathan, Jody, and Gen.


We cruised across town at 60-65 mph – no issues!

As I arrived, I was directed to the parking area for both Classic Mini’s, and BMW MINI’s, and as I pulled into the spot, smoke began coming up from under the car.  OMG, what is wrong?  Hot components on wet grass yield water vapor…

At the Show:

size - new vs old
size – new vs old

Brad Babcock came, and he appreciated his efforts!

brad and Mini 3 Aug 2013 Ursuline
brad and Mini 3 Aug 2013 Ursuline

Tall person in Mini:Chip Elmers is 6′ 4”, and he fit well in the car.

Chip Elmers
Chip Elmers

Other cars:

F type Jaguar
F type Jaguar

Trophy Time – LocoBrits scored 5 trophies!


Back home, after a nice cruise followed by Sharon, who was able to appreciate the view.

28-31 July: cleaning and crusing

Ready for Ursuline!
Ready for Ursuline!

On Monday I went for a little ride with Ed Mayer and his son Nathan to Huntington Park in Bay – some shifting issues.

On Wednesday, I washed the car, used clay to clean it, and then waxed.  I had a problem with a door handle, and Ed Mayer rescued me – now better than ever!

with fresh make up
with fresh make up

Drove to the LocoBrits meeting, where Mini was much admired  by many including some of those who have followed this blog – thanks for all of the support!  I might add that the little car drew the admiration of many, including those I would have bet liked the corvette!  (“Real sweet ride you got there, brother!” “Thanks”.)

The degree to which the under bonnet appearance upgrade was admired was a function of experience…

At Bullfrog's in N. Ridgeville.
At Bullfrog’s in N. Ridgeville.


Being in the foreground makes a vehicle look larger...
Being in the foreground makes a vehicle look larger…

Shifting still an issue, but we shall figure it out!.  Brakes need adjustment, but are bedding in, and choke sometimes wants to stick.

My son Allen is coming over tonight, and we hope to resolve shifting issue.