23 Oct through 5 Nov 2013: a late end to a season that got a late start…

Early November in NorthEast Ohio.
Early November in NorthEast Ohio.

Above All: THANKS to all who helped this year!

Today – 5 Nov – I took Mini out for a short cruise – just to say I did.  This was the first time ever in November.

The ambient was only about 285K, so it took a while for her to gain confidence!





Next step:

o put on dollies

o put in a corner of the garage, allowing the Tiguan to stay warm on cold nights.

o execute winter projects/tasks:

– redo grille

– install new plug wires/plugs

o and before taking her out in the spring

– set ride height with hi-lo’s

– nut bolt check, etc

– adjust brakes

o Attend obsessive compulsive list making seminar.

from our shade garden
from our shade garden

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