14-29 April 2014: Getting ready

spring appearing
spring appearing


The weather in our local stubbornly hangs on to cool!

On Easter Sunday i went for a drive, and my son Allen had a chance to drive.

As there seems to be an oil leak, I jackedĀ up the front, and let it sit, draining any oil on the sump guard.

Today I adjusted the brakes, and went for a cruise.

Need some more front adjustment, the car ran well, and we will check for leaks.

7-13 April: On the Road Again…

Prep works!
Prep works!

Friday 11 April I checked the oil level, topped up, and prepared to get her on the road.

On Saturday 12 April 2014, I took advantage of the weather and:

o removed the dollies, and put the tyres on the ground

o removed the old plugs

o charged the battery

o squirted oil in the cylinders and ran the engine on the started to bring up oil pressure

o gapped and installed the new plugs



On Sunday 13 April 2014, I checked fluid levels, set the tyres, and when Ed Mayer and his trusty son Nathan came over, we attached the new wires,

yellow works
yellow works

and started her up – right away.

I drove around the neighbourhood (streets), and she seems great!

after the first cruise...
after the first cruise…

Later, I went up to a petrol station, and filled up with fresh CAM 100

2-6 April 2014: getting ready


Might start up Mini this weekend

o blow out plug area with compressed air

o switch to new plug wires – one at a time

o remove old plugs

o squirt engine oil in cylinders

o run starter (ignition off) until oil pressures appears

o install new plugs, connect, and start

I might note that I hooked up my battery keeper, and it said fully charged after 2 hrs – left on.