4 May 2014: Adventures in Mini Motoring…

waiting for a tow?
waiting for a tow?

Got up early this am to prep for Solon Show – 37th annual.

Met Ed and Nathan Mayer at a local McD’s, and east from Avon Lake to Solon we went

Things were moving well, and the brake adjustment from Saturday seemed to be working well.

On I-480 just past the bridge, the tempgage suddenly shot up!  Stopped by the side of the road: no obvious leaks, plugs looked fine.

Ed and Nathan went to get coolant – temp dropped, and then rose.  We stopped again, added coolant, let it cool, and then it when we started back up, it got hot.  Pulled over into a Marathon Station on Warrensville, and exercised our flatbed insurance option from Haggerty

They arrived, we pushed Mini on, and we headed back home.

At Warrensville Marathon, on Flatbed.
At Warrensville Marathon, on Flatbed.
arrived back
arrived back
Rolled off with ease:
on Cherry lane
on Cherry lane
Ed over later:

Pressure test showed no cooling system leaks, so we measured compression: 172,174,178,190 – so no head gasket issue.  We decided to check thermostat, and found it broken.

a broken part
a broken part
We reassembled with no thermostat, let it run for 5 min in driveway, and then drove for 20 min on road – no issue.
RCA – stuck thermostat, and perhaps I shall carry a spare.
At the end of the day – not a bad place for it to stick.

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