4-10 August 2014 – MTTS: Rock and Roll!

Many Mini Folks Rock
Many MINI Folks Rock in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland

MINITakesTheStates  – a cruise from San Fran to Boston for BMW MINI’s – was scheduled to travel through NorthEast  Ohio on US6, and our plan was to join in there in our home city of Avon Lake.

see http://www.minitakesthestates.com

The Route
The Route

On Wednesday – after I went to the gym, I came home, ate lunch and began to prep Mini (1960 BMC Mini 850):

Check tyres; torque wheels, top fluids, clean interior windows, wash, clean exterior windows, and a bit of finishing wax.  We raced up to Speedway to fill with CAM2 – but it was closed – so we went down to the Shell on Lake and Moore, and topped up with Super Shell.

Then we waited for the cars, and waited, and waited…

We wait...
We wait in Mini – our 1960 Austin 850

At 5:30, we gave up, went home, and jumped in the 2009 MINI Cooper S Convertible.

As we drove down Lake Road, we saw groups of people – some in lawn chairs with family – waiting for MINI’s: they waved, and we waved!

(N.B.: they would be disappointed, as – due to time problems – nearly all of MTTS took SR2.)

Got down to R&R country!

MTTS in Cleveland
MTTS in Cleveland


This is How a Parking deck should look!
This is How a Parking deck should look!

The parking attendant – in shirt and tie – must have been amused at the sights, as many cars were customized and individualized! (see pics, below)

We picked up our credentials and swag bags, and went in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

When inside, we found why we did not see the pack: bad roads in IN had slowed then down, and they took alternative routes to downtown…


MINI's Rock!
MINI’s Rock! (And ,Yes, Elvis is in the building!)

The event was well done, catered by Executive Caterers with servers swarming around  in tux shirts and ties.

All shapes and sizes
Like their owners, MINI’s come in all shapes and sizes
old and new
old and new (I am the old…)


Skyline MINI's
Skyline MINI’s


We met many Cool people


And at ‘ the end of the day’…


caption not required...
Caption not required… for The Rock Hall
as the earth turns
as the earth turns

A great time was had by all.  (We went back home, but the pack moved on.)

In the morning, a rise and shine event was held, and off on the next leg – Buffalo via Pittsburgh.

At Voinivitch Park
August 7 in the AM
The Falls
The Falls

Photos from Buffalo

Matchy - matchy!
Matchy – matchy!
Fewer MINI's here (Our 2009 MINI Cooper S Conv - Conrad)
Fewer MINI’s here (Our 2009 MINI Cooper S Conv – Conrad) at Crocker Park

I continued to follow the event on FaceBook

Lombard St, in SF
Lombard St, in SF



N.B.: our 2009 was built by BMW; our 1960 by BMC – British Motor Corporation

under the bonnet
under the bonnet
Sharon and Mini at the Pub 2011
Sharon and Mini at the Pub 2011

The above is a perspective on size!


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