May 3rd 2015: Success in Solon

Recalling her first car - A mini in S. Africa
Recalling her first car – A mini in S. Africa

(N.B.: One advantage of showing a classic car is seeing it bring back memories: the lady above grew up in south Africa and her first car was a Mini).

I arose early to get Mini ready for the 38th annual Austin Healey Show and swap meet.  (  I had attended this show with my son Allen years ago, and had always wanted to get back, but problems or conflicts always prevented us.

This AM, I finished detailing and packing the car.

Ready to head over.
Ready to head over.

Fellow Lorain County Member Ron Summers arrived, and we set off.  Mini drove and ran better than ever.

If there had been an issue with Mini, Rhoda makes the event: both ready.

two generations
two generations
This was actually the first time I had taken Mini out for a highway cruise since we upgraded the suspension, replaced the transmission, and redid parts of the engine.  (I know its been a while, but things happen).

The car drove and felt better better than ever.  The Cooper S box is good  except for first (rather high for an 850), but we live with that.

The performance on ramps, etc is good, although I am still cautious there (but still ahead of the SUV set!).

Cruising on 4-5 lane I-480 in Cleveland in traffic is interesting: the bigger they are the faster they go, so I try to minimize intimidation.

Cruised at 4000-4200 in fourth in 60 zones (64-67), and saw 4400 (70) on downhills.

I also discovered that I should drive at no less than 2600-2800: with this cam, things smooth out there..

Thanks to the Winners Circle for leaving out a new set of sparking plugs on Saturday after hours!

We arrived, registered, and enjoyed the varied sights, cars, and people.
The Harleys
The Harleys


Worth the effort
Worth the effort
Classic British cars at Solon
Classic British cars at Solon
E types brag
E types brag

We had a nice drive back, and enjoyed lunch with Ron Summers and Sharon at Beardens – a local establishment.

Our 1960 Mini and 2015 MINI at Bearden's.
Our 1960 Mini and 2015 MINI at Bearden’s.

For more pictures, see our Lorain County British Car Club page on Facebook.

Tonight, I go to bed feeling a great sense of satisfaction!

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