September 19-30 2015: to leak or not to leak, that is the question

Mini frightens trucks at BullFrogs 30-09-15
Mini frightens trucks at BullFrogs 30-09-15

I have been battling an oil leak for several years.

A few weeks ago, I got a new valve cover gasket – the correct one for an alloy cover – and installed it.
Since then,  no change in level on the dip stick.
Tonight I drove for a test and then to Lorain County British Car Club:
 o no oil on driveway
 o no oil under car at Lorain County British car club…
If the oil has been leaking out of that cover, I have not seen it – perhaps a spray?
It was a good meeting:
N.B.: since the oil would accumulate on the sump guard, it would drain off after a stop.
Not much time left here in our driving season.
Mini girls...
Mini girls…

15-18 Sept 2015: progress

Minis at Shaker Square 2015
Minis at Shaker Square 2015

I replaced the gasket on the value cover with the correct one, and test drove – fine.

On Friday, fellow FHS 1960 graduate Mike Weldon was intown for our 55th reunion.  Among other things, I took him for a ride in Mini – he approved.

In the evening, I took Mini to our cocktail party at Damons, and

Mini at Damons
Mini at Damons

and to neighbor Chuck Linicks,

talking with fellow Brits
talking with fellow Brits

29 August – 14 Sept 2015

Melissa Atkins with Mini
Melissa Atkins with Mini

The new valve cover gaskets and upper gaskets arrived.  I am going to install the latter, and see if they help, so, I decided to give Mini an update and a test run.

 o I adjusted the brakes
 o removed the grille and verified their are no leaks around oil filter
 o replaced the grommets under the valve cover hold downs.
Went for run
 o ran fine, after warmed up
 o brakes worked well
When I pulled into the garage, I went to open the bonnet to check for oil, but I did not have to: it was leaking out.
When I opened it up, I observed that the valve cover gasket was askew. (see photo below)
When I removed the hold downs, I may have moved the cover and disturbed it.
At any rate:
 o I shall remove cover
 o clean surfaces
 o replace with new gasket, glued to the cover
 o add oil
 o and retest
(N.B.: I don’t think that Melissa from California closets was the cause…)
gasket mal function
gasket mal function