7-19 Jan 2017: On a Winter’s Day…

new Minifins
new Minifins

On a warm winter day in northeast Ohio, making plans for 2017:

Rich folks garage...
Smart folks garage…

(WARNING!: Those who adverse to planning may skip to Random Pictures, below…)


Mini Meet East Columbus, Ohio 29 June – 2 July

Shows at Solon (early May),  Ursuline(early August),  Shaker Square (late August).

(Perhaps Ft. Meigs, early June)

Lorain County British Car Club events, and other smaller, local events, such as Euro cars.

Put-in-Bay 27-29 August.

Preparation – Spring 2017:

Loosen wheels.

Up on quickjack.

Remove sump guard.

Inspect all hoses and lines – replace if necessary.

Remove wheels.

Clean under motor/transaxle.

Find cause of oil leak and repair.

Replace sump guard.

Remove old drums.

Bleed brakes and address issue with pedal  (fluid leak?).

Remove old and install new front brake shoes.

Prep new drums – de glaze, clean, polish, clear coat.

Install new drums.

Pre-adjust front brakes.

Adjust rear brakes and hand brake.

Lower to floor.

Repair turn signal.

Check fluids.

Torque wheels.

Adjust front brakes.

Set type pressures.

Attach battery charger.

Remove plugs, spray oil into cylinders, and turn over – 15-20 seconds – until oil pressure registers.

Clean and replace plugs.

Roll outside, and start up.

Bring up to temp, and test run – use brakes.

Check brake adjustment.

Prep – Pre Mini Meet East:

Collect and organize and pack spares, cleaning supplies, and tools.

Check ignition timing and valve lash, tyres and fluids.

Clean – detail.

Drive to Loco Brits meeting 28 June, if weather permits.

Leave 29 June for Columbus in Mini with support vehicle.

Random Pictures collected from FaceBook:

A gem!
A gem!
You choose!
You choose!

Non-Random Pictures:

The In Crowd
The In Crowd
Engineers and British Car persons...
Engineers and British Car persons…
Sharing our lives...
Sharing our lives…

Above Three Photographs are from LocoBrits holiday party…

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