20 Jan – 22 Mar 2017 – winter lull…

A Mini in the streets

Our Mini has quietly waited in the garage while I plan for the summer.

Mini in winter

While waiting, I have obtained tools and parts, including: an impact wrench; a new drill motor; a polishing kit from Eastwood, with which I plan to polish metal bits such as under the bonnet; a new bleeding kit; a bench top drill press; some bits for Mini; and varied supplies.

A scene

In the shop, I have been organizing all of the fasteners, sorting and labelling the drawers.

side by side – garage
before reorg in shop

In addition, I obtained new rubber matting, for use in shop and garage.

new mats (on sale)

I have kept up with yoga:


And weight training:


We are going to redo the front brakes, but not lower the suspension any further…

Not I!

In the meanwhile, our loyal dog Babe is keeping on top of things…


We plan to bring Mini out of hibernation on 1 April- no fooling!

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