23 March – 02 April 2017: out of hibernation!

Humility becomes me…

Today Allen came over and we moved Mini out of her cozy spot in a corner and into the general population.  The goals for the day were to move her and get her up on the quickjacks, remove the wheels, remove the sump guard, and investigate two issues: brakes and The Most Pernicious Oil Leak!

When I took Mini out for a drive in October, I felt the brake pedal suddenly ‘going down’ until it had no effect, and I drove back home very slowly, and stopped with the hand brake.

Although there is no indication of fluid leak, we inspected the reservoir, and it was drier than a WCTU convention.  We added fluid, but numerous pumps of the pedal produced no discernible pressure. Removed the hydraulic fitting from the top of the cylinder, but pumping the pedal did not force out any fluid…

Removing the sump guard, we were able to inspect under the car, looking for a source of the leak: from the flange where the drive shafts join the diff…

There is a milky, whites foam/goop around the rim of the flanges -picture of that

leaking here?

The quick jacks not only lift the car up quite high, but they provide a solid platform – thanks to Chuck Linick for the suggestion.

on the jacks…
sump guard off!
Allen skilfully manoeuvring quick jacks.
in the air…


I also did some organization on the shelves.

A bit more organization.

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