24 May – 10 July 2017: toward Mini Meet East!

Those were the days…

We began the final push to get Mini ready for MME, in Columbus, 29 June – 2 July 2017.

We installed new shoes and drums, front and rear, and a new master cylinder.

The big issue has been an oil leak.  We determined the cause was missing components in the drive shafts, ordered and installed the parts – Thanks Brad!

new minifins
old mamba wheels

One ascetic upgrade was the wheels: I painted them, and master craftsman Ed Mayer reworked the old dust covers – better than new!

We had a problem bleeding the brakes, and took Rhoda to MME.

Rhoda at MME
parking lot at Holiday Inn

I talked with old friends, including Roger Koch and Jack Baumqaurdner.



Jack Baumgardner’s race Mini
many Mini’s
rare Hornet

The panoramic picture was taken at a local airport, with some WWII planes in the background.

lined up
An AT-6
A great woodie!
at the end of the day…


Looking forward to a great summer!