16-20 August 2017 second brake in run this year

take note!

Today I took Mini out for the second shake-down run this season

First I changed to brand new sparking plugs, then I rolled her outside, and torqued wheels – about 1-2 flats each bolt.

old plugs
lite tan where it counts – dark due to oil on first start up
out of the box…

On our first run, we had observed that under hard braking, the car pulled right.  I adjusted the (front) brakes, and found the left free, so I cranked down on the adjusters ( pumping the pedal after each adjuster).  On the right, the adjustment was tighter _ explains pull _ but there are two high spots.

Back on the ground, I added oil (SU oil) to the SU dashpots (when all else fails!) and started up – right off.

Since this car does not enjoy cold running, I warmed her up at 2000-3000 RPM, until I had 140 H2O temp, and then went for a little cruise.

o Brakes much better, pedal better, less pull.

o car ran well

o new turn signal works well

Back in the garage, I measured the ride height (wheel to fender arch), put everything away, and declared it a good day!

As for any leaks, I am going to wait for all the old stuff to leave…


Thanks to all who have helped, esp. Brad, Don, and Chuck

11-15 August 2017: back on the road

First time on the road, 2017!

Sunday 13 August, I got some bits at Ace Hardware to help with painting and mounting my new nostalgia.

On Monday 14 August, I repainted the front floorboards, prepared for the clutch completion, and added a few looks to the garage:

new nostalgia!
Austin sign, and BMC sign we have had for a while.

(Allen and I got the BMC sign 25-30 years ago…)

On Tuesday, my son Allen arrived around 5pm, and we

 o installed new clutch master

o bled clutch system

o adjusted the clutch

After pushing the car out into the drive, we started it – right up – and let it come up to temp.

First cruise – went well!  Clutch great!  Brakes still low on first pump, but stop the car- pull right.

We did a coast down, so I will tighten up the fronts and continue putting on miles…

6-7 August 2017 unneeded drainage


I tried to adjust the clutch, and found I had to bleed it.  I tried to bleed it – using the pressure bleeder – and ran into difficulty.  Chuck Linick came over, and we discovered the source of this problem: a small hole in the bottom of the master cylinder.

lower ventilation

New part on order.

Chuck also looked at the leak from the rocker cover cap, and we decided to order a new one – see picture.

New part also on order.

We removed the holy CMS – see picture.

MUCH thanks to Chuck!


31 July – 5 August 2017

local law (NOT!)

On this saturday, I did some organization and cleanup in the garage, charged the batteryand then I removed the plugs,added oil to the cylinders, and brought up oil pressure (to 60 lbs.in**2) on the starter.

I put the plugs back in, and started, running until the excess oil was burned out.

Tried to put in gear, but problem: I diagnosed clutch adjustment.

I will try on my own, but could use help.

If any can help, you can test drive.

Brakes feeling good!

after hydo leak from jack – self induced
first start of season!