11-15 August 2017: back on the road

First time on the road, 2017!

Sunday 13 August, I got some bits at Ace Hardware to help with painting and mounting my new nostalgia.

On Monday 14 August, I repainted the front floorboards, prepared for the clutch completion, and added a few looks to the garage:

new nostalgia!
Austin sign, and BMC sign we have had for a while.

(Allen and I got the BMC sign 25-30 years ago…)

On Tuesday, my son Allen arrived around 5pm, and we

 o installed new clutch master

o bled clutch system

o adjusted the clutch

After pushing the car out into the drive, we started it – right up – and let it come up to temp.

First cruise – went well!  Clutch great!  Brakes still low on first pump, but stop the car- pull right.

We did a coast down, so I will tighten up the fronts and continue putting on miles…

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