16-20 August 2017 second brake in run this year

take note!

Today I took Mini out for the second shake-down run this season

First I changed to brand new sparking plugs, then I rolled her outside, and torqued wheels – about 1-2 flats each bolt.

old plugs
lite tan where it counts – dark due to oil on first start up
out of the box…

On our first run, we had observed that under hard braking, the car pulled right.  I adjusted the (front) brakes, and found the left free, so I cranked down on the adjusters ( pumping the pedal after each adjuster).  On the right, the adjustment was tighter _ explains pull _ but there are two high spots.

Back on the ground, I added oil (SU oil) to the SU dashpots (when all else fails!) and started up – right off.

Since this car does not enjoy cold running, I warmed her up at 2000-3000 RPM, until I had 140 H2O temp, and then went for a little cruise.

o Brakes much better, pedal better, less pull.

o car ran well

o new turn signal works well

Back in the garage, I measured the ride height (wheel to fender arch), put everything away, and declared it a good day!

As for any leaks, I am going to wait for all the old stuff to leave…


Thanks to all who have helped, esp. Brad, Don, and Chuck

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