8-10 August 2017

Peach and love…

The car and the garage were in need of a clean up, so I cleaned both!

fluids on floor
lots of leaked brake fluid!
new parts!
work area
also after

6-7 August 2017 unneeded drainage


I tried to adjust the clutch, and found I had to bleed it.  I tried to bleed it – using the pressure bleeder – and ran into difficulty.  Chuck Linick came over, and we discovered the source of this problem: a small hole in the bottom of the master cylinder.

lower ventilation

New part on order.

Chuck also looked at the leak from the rocker cover cap, and we decided to order a new one – see picture.

New part also on order.

We removed the holy CMS – see picture.

MUCH thanks to Chuck!


31 July – 5 August 2017

local law (NOT!)

On this saturday, I did some organization and cleanup in the garage, charged the batteryand then I removed the plugs,added oil to the cylinders, and brought up oil pressure (to 60 lbs.in**2) on the starter.

I put the plugs back in, and started, running until the excess oil was burned out.

Tried to put in gear, but problem: I diagnosed clutch adjustment.

I will try on my own, but could use help.

If any can help, you can test drive.

Brakes feeling good!

after hydo leak from jack – self induced
first start of season!

11-30 July 2017: on the ground at last!

new front brakes

In the last two weeks of July, we finished the brakes and lowered Mini onto the floor.

On the 15th, Allen and I made progress on bleeding, but ran into an issue.

The weekend of 22-3 was very social, and on the 26, Brad and I made (mostly Brad) progress on the brakes: assembled and bled.

The 26th was local Brits, and we had great cars, for example:

classic British!

Allen and I mounted the wheels, but found the jack’s reservoir was empty.  I filled, and on Sunday 30 July, I pressured the tyres, and lowered the car to the floor, and torqued the wheels.

Next: drive!

New look wheels!

24 May – 10 July 2017: toward Mini Meet East!

Those were the days…

We began the final push to get Mini ready for MME, in Columbus, 29 June – 2 July 2017.

We installed new shoes and drums, front and rear, and a new master cylinder.

The big issue has been an oil leak.  We determined the cause was missing components in the drive shafts, ordered and installed the parts – Thanks Brad!

new minifins
old mamba wheels

One ascetic upgrade was the wheels: I painted them, and master craftsman Ed Mayer reworked the old dust covers – better than new!

We had a problem bleeding the brakes, and took Rhoda to MME.

Rhoda at MME
parking lot at Holiday Inn

I talked with old friends, including Roger Koch and Jack Baumqaurdner.



Jack Baumgardner’s race Mini
many Mini’s
rare Hornet

The panoramic picture was taken at a local airport, with some WWII planes in the background.

lined up
An AT-6
A great woodie!
at the end of the day…


Looking forward to a great summer!

5-23 May: Slow but steady Progress

new parts

We are working on 3 subsystems:

1)  rear brakes – new shoes and drums

2) front brakes – new shoes and drums

3) rear axle – new hubs and bearings

4) identify source of and remediate oil leak

The source of the oil leak appears to have been missing components in the Hardy-Spicer joints.  We have identified them.

new bearings
rear drums
rear hub
new hubs vs old

3 April – 4 May 2017: getting ready, scope creep…

art forms

(N.B.: “Scope creep” describes adding to a project after it starts, e.g., the ‘remodel the kitchen’ project becomes remodel the kitchen and replace the carpet and the drapes, and then redo the bathrooms… )

Having raised Mini onto the quickjacks, we set out to prepare for the 2017 Season, including:

o resolve and remediate pernicious oil leak

o replace front brakes and shoes to remediate out of round condition

o resolve braking issue which occurred on last run of 2016.

The latter was resolved when my son Allen and I found that the brake master cylinder did not displace any fluid when the pedal was moved: resolution is new master cylinder, now in place.

new master cylinder

Disassembling a drive shaft, we have found the cause of the leak: a missing washer and seal.  (Still no clear diagram of same.)  Parts to remediate are on order or in place. Kudos to super star Brad!

We had spacers and stud extenders in place on the rear drums, and when I found that there are drums available with the offset cast in and with long studs and screws, I decided to order them, with new wheel cylinders. (Scope creep.)

I removed rear drums and hubs, and after examining them and the bearings, I decided to get new – more scope creep.

rear hub, etc
drums, hubs, etc

I had purchased two unused Yokohama A008 165R70x10 tyres, and decided to start with new rubber on the car – bought two additional new – scope creep.  Got mounted at local tire store. ($$$$).  (On the way back from the store, the Beatles song “With a little help from my Friends…” came on …)

new tyres, old wheels

To put on road:

o finish rear brakes: fit shoes on LHS, wheel cylinder and shoes on RHS

o new long studs in new rear hubs, seals, bearings, mount hub, washer, new wheel nuts, tighten and torque

o finish LHS and RHS drive shafts

o put clean paper underneath car and fill engine with oil.

o reinstall sump guard

o fit front brake shoes and drums

o prelim adjust front and rear brakes

o check if oil stayed in engine

o bleed clutch

o bleed brakes

o check if oil stayed in engine

o mount wheels and pressure tyres

o brake adjustment

o lower car and torque wheels

o check fluids

o check if oil stayed in engine

o bring up oil pressure on starter motor

o roll car out-side

o place fire department on standby

o start and warm up

o first cruise (around the block: fair enough to verify, but close enough to push home)

o recheck for leaks

o set timing to 26/7 degrees total advance

o second test run

o recheck brake adjustment, leaks, etc

o invite neighbors over, and open Celebratory Fluids…

dreams of summer

and of old prom dates

hottest gal in our graduating class…

May the Fourth be with us!

And if problems occur, there is always YOGA with Katey!

on stage left…