May 29 – August 3 2014: From the Russian Federation to Hospital to MTTS!

MTTS in Austin TX
MTTS in Austin TX

I did nothing on Mini from May29 thru July 7, as we we preparing for our Russian trip, on our Russian trip, and then recovering from the trip.

on our cruise
on our cruise

On July 8, a health issue appeared, and I spent two days in hospital, and then slowly began getting back to speed.

in hospital
in hospital


On August 1st,I got some inspiration:


I learned that MINITAKESTHESTATES will come through Avon Lake on August 6!

So today, I got to work on Mini – more than two months!

starting - papers because of oil spill
starting – papers because of oil spill

So I moved Mini into the driveway, and cleaned the floor.  I then started him up – no problem, and after he was warmed up, I cooked dinner.

Chuck Linick came over with his 63 Traveller, and we took Mini for a cruise – fine.

Back home saw no oil leak, so onward!

Will recheck in am.

Observation on ride height: leave alone for now.

I shall:

1) check wheel torques

2) set tyre pressures

3) check oil and HOH levels

4) test drive a bit

 5) wash, etc

6) top up fuel

Ready to go!(?) for MTTS!