5-28 May 2014: Rainouts!


We had hoped to make the event in Columbus 18 May, but rainy weather 5-9 May and social events 10-16 curtailed that effort.

On the 28th, I took Mini out for a test – all good – and then decided to go to LocoBrits in Ridgeville.

in our driveway
in our driveway
Two Mini's
Two Mini’s


Drove home before the rain…

14-29 April 2014: Getting ready

spring appearing
spring appearing


The weather in our local stubbornly hangs on to cool!

On Easter Sunday i went for a drive, and my son Allen had a chance to drive.

As there seems to be an oil leak, I jackedĀ up the front, and let it sit, draining any oil on the sump guard.

Today I adjusted the brakes, and went for a cruise.

Need some more front adjustment, the car ran well, and we will check for leaks.